Data Science for Biologists

This website contains all materials used in BIOL 01301 Fall 2020 at Rowan University with Dr. Spielman. This course meets remotely Monday and Thursday 2-3:15 pm and Wednesday 3:30-6:15 pm. Zoom links can be found in Canvas. All grading and assignment submissions (unless otherwise stated) will be hosted on Canvas, but course materials will be posted on this site and/or within the BIOL01301 workspace.

Online Books and Resources

Class Schedule and Materials

Materials are subject to change up until the Monday of the EACH week. Below is a ROUGH OUTLINE of what we’ll be doing.

In-class materials
Recommended Background
1 W 9/2 Introduction and logistics None None Assigned: Fill out the class survey (link on Canvas) TODAY if you have not yet done so
2 R 9/3 Student introductions None None None
3 W 9/9 Introduction to R, Part I None Introduction to R Tutorial ASSIGNED: “Introduction to R” due Wednesday 9/16/20 by 3:00 pm to Canvas
Copy/paste this SINGLE LINE (looks like 2 or 3 - it’s only 1!!) into the TERMINAL tab in RStudio Cloud to get the assignment:
Video: How to do the HW in RStudio Cloud
4 R 9/10 Introduction to R, Part II Interactive Exercises: Intro to R Same as W 9/9 None
5 M 9/14 Introduction to R, Part III Finish Thursday 9/10 exercises None None
6 W 9/16 Miscellaneous R’ing, and Introduction to the “grammar of graphics” Slides Chapters 1-5 from Fundamentals of Data Visualization Assignment #2 due Wednesday 9/23/20 by 3:00 pm to Canvas
7 R 9/17 Grammar of graphics Slides from 9/16, continued None None
8 M 9/21 Introduction to data ggplot2 TBD None None
9 W 9/23 Introduction to data ggplot2 TBD None TBD
10 R 9/24 Open work day